business leadership

As a business leader in any field, a primary way to become successful and show meaning to your coworkers is to communicate clearly and concisely during any interaction. While everyone understands what communication is, how you express ideas and constructive criticism will have a direct impact on the productivity of employees.

Strategies to keep in mind

First things first, when discussing or relaying a sensitive message to your team, it is important to note that email is highly frowned upon because it creates emotional distance. In this situation, it is highly encouraged to speak with your team in person. Using context clues to figure out what medium is best for the social situation is key ways to increase employee trust.

Keeping your tone and direction in check when speaking with a person face to face is absolutely essential. If a certain person on your team makes some kind of error at work, you want to focus on how rectifying this issue improves their career overall at the company. Basically, using a corrective tone not only gives the employee constructive criticism but also limits the feeling of guilt.

Generally, leaders who speaks clearly and concisely which both saves time and maximizes the effectiveness of whatever task is at hand. To help you with collecting your thoughts, the tool  Evernote is recommended when organizing your thoughts, tasks, and business/personal goals.

As a leader, trying to be as proactive as possible when interacting with employees to help them further their careers. Always having an open door and being available for conversation is how leaders create a level of comfort for your team members.

Active listening when speaking with employees can be a great way to show your team that you care about their progress and future in the long term. Showing all your team members that you are invested in their future in one way or another will inadvertently increase loyalty across the board. 

Executing the model

If you happen to not have a solid track record of successful communication, this can be daunting for leaders who have both been in the industry for a short and long amount of time. It’s fair to say that no one is actually born an effective communicator. This actually takes years of practice in the workforce. By using the above business practices, there is no doubt that you will improve communication when further interacting with your team members.

Melissa Ko is the Managing Member of Covepoint Capital Advisors, LLC and serves as the Chief Investment Officer of its flagship, the Covepoint Emerging Markets Macro Fund. Please visit, and to learn more!