Covepoint Capital, Melissa KoCovepoint Capital Advisors LLC is an established global investment management firm, headed by Chief Executive Officer Melissa Ko. Covepoint focuses on investing in emerging and developed markets currencies, interest rates, and other macro asset classes.

Covepoint manages approximately $1 billion in assets and it’s principals have decades of trading experience. Melissa Ko and the illustrious Covepoint team drive a research-intensive approach to exploit tactical and strategic opportunities at the intersection of emerging and developed markets. Covepoint predominantly focuses on highly liquid assets and believes in the union of risk management and portfolio management to optimize its risk/return profile.

Melissa Ko, a seasoned professional, founded the investment management firm Covepoint Capital in 2008, in New York City.

Conviction, opportunity, vision, and excellence can be found at Covepoint Capital. In fact, we believe that an exhaustive research process generates ideas grounded in conviction. Visit Covepoint Capital’s site to learn more.